Layla and Josh: Engaged – Missouri and Kansas Lifestyle Wedding Photographer

I really can’t begin to say enough wonderful things about the beautiful couple you see below! Layla and Josh will be married at the Plaza in Kansas City in a couple of months (where he proposed to her on a carriage ride).

Mid wedding planning Layla proposed they have an intimate wedding and traveled Europe for their honeymoon, so they bumped the date up a year!  I am so excited for the both of them!


We met up at the University of Kansas in Lawrence on a gorgeous day in late March where the two of them met on campus.  The campus was so beautiful and picturesque, and Layla’s gorgeous smile lit up every picture!  The two of them have an amazing connection that really brought every picture out.  We stopped in at The Oread where they were kind enough to let us take pictures on their rooftop and against their gorgeous stone walls!  It was a great day without a single dull moment!


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