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Do you have pictures on a CD in your home you never printed?  (I do from years ago).  Despite my best intentions our baby books were started, not finished and our family album has a few pictures in it, not many.  This was not from a lack of portraits or fantastic photography; these were from when I would go to Sears and spend a fortune on photography so I could have the disc that everyone always asks for.  Yes, it is a great deal to get your edited images on a disc, but if you do not get high quality prints when will you end up doing them?  Are you really going to have time to get the album done?  This is a big question now with so many families having discs and just a few portraits on the wall.  Where exactly are you going to record your baby’s and family’s stories?


Had our parents not had albums and only purchased the 8-track of images how would we look at them now.  Surely, you’ve seen people trying to find an old slide show machine because all of their images are slides (by the way you can still get those printed at Walmart).  This idea could be more work than it is worth in the longrun and in the meanwhile you have to hope they don’t get broken, misplaced, etc.  For years I thought purchasing a CD made a lot more sense.  I definitely think it has a presence in this time with all of the social media, and I do not think that it is a poor choice; however, I think that it should be used as an add-on purchase.

In the name of bringing back the albums that are quickly disappearing, I am going offering professionally printed custom albums.  I will quote any requests please tell me what you are looking for:

  • Number of pages.
  • Number of pictures.
  • Size of album.
  • Color scheme or style (classy, trendy, funky, etc.)

Or you can come up with a budget and I can help you decide the size and number of pages.  I will offer a payment plan for these, so it is not all due up front!


Here is a very basic sample page, but many more custom builds will be showcased in the weeks to come!


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